Carson in Madison: “I’m just one of the folks”


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MADISON, Tenn. (WKRN) — Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson spent Sunday morning at Cornerstone Church in Madison speaking at two of the evangelical church’s worship services.

Carson told News 2 that his appearance was scheduled four months ago as part of a tour for the release of his latest book A More Perfect Union. An estimated 6,000 people came out to hear him speak, many excited that the timing of his speech coincided with his recent rise in the polls.

“The people [sitting] around us [in church], none of them were members of our church. So, everybody came just to hear what the man has to say,” said Julie Adams, a church member. “I think he’s phenomenal. He’s such an educated man.”

Pastor Maury Davis told News 2, “I think Dr. Carson brings a very unique quality to the campaign. He is extremely educated. He has one of the most incredible success stories of any of the candidates, ‘rags to riches’ so to speak. His moral values attract traditional American value voters.”

His spent about 30 minutes in each of the services telling his life story and talking  about his Christian values. His comments resonated with attendees, who gave him a standing ovation at the end of his speech.

Cindy Walker, another Cornerstone member, said, “He talked about that it’s okay not to be politically correct. That we have the right to speak what we feel. We’ve become so politicized in this country.”

Carson was asked about why he is leading in recent polls.  “I’m not a politician. I had no intention of ever becoming one. You know, I’m just one of the folks.”

Sunday’s appearance was Carson’s third of three events in Middle Tennessee this weekend. He spent Saturday at two fundraisers in Franklin and Belle Meade. Carson’s campaign told News 2 he flies to Florida on Sunday evening.
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Carson in Madison: “I’m just one of the folks”




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