Cash reward raised for information in murdered Murfreesboro fisherman


The cash reward is being raised to $50,000 for information that leads to an arrest in the murder of a Murfreesboro fisherman.

“Tomorrow would’ve been Gregg’s 54th birthday,” said Janet Hawkins, widow of Gregg Hawkins. “Last year on his birthday, he was doing as he loves. He was fishing, enjoying a day off work, just like he was doing in October. Tomorrow on his birthday, instead of celebrating, we’ll be going to the cemetery. That’s not an easy thing to think about.”

A true man of the outdoors, Gregg Hawkins’ boots are still propped next to the fireplace.

“My daughter got married two years ago in October, and he had to wear the shoes they provided,” Janet Hawkins said. “It was just for pictures and then he got his boots on right afterwards. He loved his boots. They’re big boots to fill.”

Gregg Hawkins’ brother Darren sat close by, the men born just 11 months apart. Friday, he was a silent pillar of support as Janet Hawkins made a new plea for answers in her husband’s murder.

“Whoever did this, I have everybody I know praying for you,” she said. “You need help.”

Last October, Rutherford County Sheriff’s officials said Gregg Hawkins was walking to his vehicle at the Mona Boat Ramp when he interrupted a crime in progress. He was shot and killed. Sheriff’s officials said persons of interest developed but have since been eliminated. There are no leads to follow now.

A table of pictures scattered in front of her, Janet Hawkins thanked Gov. Bill Haslam for his contribution to the reward fund, bringing the total to $50,000 for information leading to an arrest.

“Gregg was a very loving, giving man, and he would’ve helped you,” she said. “He would want us to pray for you.”

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Source: NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) Channel 4
Cash reward raised for information in murdered Murfreesboro fisherman

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