Coffee County TN network contest winner is…..

Back on July 6 we posted:

Help us get to 7000 likes and we will give a Tullahoma/Manchester/Coffee County nonprofit 501(c)(3), 100 white t-shirts with printing front and back along with design help if needed…at no charge. Please leave the name of your favorite local non-profit in the comments section while asking your friends to like this page. We will choose the winner from your comments. Ready, set, go!!! You can nominate daily and as many as you want ….but each nomination for the shirts must be a separate comment please!!!

As of Aug 17th we are at 7,117 LIKEs and growing.

The sponsor providing the t-shirts, design, and printing is Next time you need some custom t-shirts give them a try.

Coffee County TN network contest winner is…..

Dogs On Borrowed Time Manchester, TN

A little about this great organization

Our mission is to network and find adopters or rescues for the Coffee County & Manchester City Animal Control pound dogs. We feel that the Manchester, TN pound dogs deserve a page solely dedicated to saving their lives as this is a high kill shelter and has to euthanize for space.

We will network each dog to the best of our ability. This will include sharing with every rescue possible.

We will gladly pull and transport when our schedules permit. Both of us work full time jobs, but will try our hardest to make it happen to save these dogs lives.

We will ask for fosters. If you are willing to foster please let us know as we can always use a helping and loving hand.

We will work with any rescue willing to save a life. No distance is too far.

We will assist adopters to the best of our ability. We will try to get as much information about the dog as possible, but if you have a certain question that hasn’t been answered, let us know and we will try to get you the information.

We will keep updated album with current dogs available. We make several trips to Animal Control weekly and will update each time we go.

We will not give up because every dog needs a fighting chance of getting out of this high kill shelter alive.

This is our mission.

Here’s one looking for a home.

This big guy was upset when I was at the pound on Friday. He had just been surrendered to the pound on Friday and needless to say all he would do is this. He would put his head down and when I would talk to him he would lift his head and look at me from the corner of his eyes. We are hoping to get a picture of him once he gets adjusted and starts moving around some. He is available for adoption now.

All of these sweet faces are located at the Coffee County and Manchester City Animal Control in Manchester, TN. Both are located in the same building at 156 Freedom Drive, Manchester, TN. The pound hours are Monday – Friday, 7am-3pm. For County dogs call 931-723-2730 and for City dogs call 931-723-7211. This is a HIGH KILL SHELTER and they will kill for space and without warning. Please share album and individual pictures. Tomorrow is not guaranteed for any of them. You never know it may be your share that saves a life. Networking is the only chance these dogs have of making it out alive. Please contact rescues, tag friends, pledge, foster or adopt. If a rescue is interested in rescuing a dog please email Be the voice for the voiceless. There are some amazing dogs sitting on death row. Please share!!!!


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