Congressman the Latest To Criticize Islamic Lesson — Sky Arnold

Sparta, Tenn — Tuesday night hundreds of parents gathered in Sparta to discuss ways to fight their school district’s decision to keep a controversial 7th grade textbook.

That book includes a chapter on Islam that’s upset parents in a several school districts including Ed Butler.

Some see the section as indoctrination.  “The textbook does not teach the truth about Islam,” said Butler.

Butler’s district in Overton County actually stopped teaching the section altogether recently and opponents, including former radio show host Steve Gill, plan to push for similar moves in the 20 to 30 districts that are using the book.

“The portrayal of Islam as some sort of a peaceful tolerant that grows by accepting other religions and faiths is simply not true and to present that in schools in inaccurate,” said Gill.

Parents aren’t the only ones criticizing the book.

Congressman Marsha Blackburn’s campaign website has a post addressing it with the headline, “Stop Islamic Indoctrination in our Schools.”

“It is reprehensible that our school system is more concerned with teaching the practices of Islam than the history of Christianity,” said Blackburn on the website

Fox 17 wondered how a professor who teaches Islam might view these concerns so we reached out ot Vanderbilt’s Dr. richard McGregor.Dr. McGregor says the textbook isn’t wrong in saying the Muslim empire tolerated other faiths.

“With the rise of Muslim empires we see there are communities of non-Muslims who were successfully managed and incorporated into those otherwise Islamic identity states,” said McGregor.

Another concern for parents is that the book teaches the 5 Pillars of Islam including one claiming, “There is no God but God and Mohammed is his prophet.

“Dr. McGregor says the 5 Pillars aren’t indoctrination but rather an important lesson for children learning religious literacy.

“I think it’s a fine snapshot of the commitments of Islamic tradition.  Teaching children the content of those again precludes misunderstanding,” said McGregor.

Source: fox17
Congressman the Latest To Criticize Islamic Lesson — Sky Arnold



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