How Will El Nino Affect Tennessee?

How Will El Nino Affect Tennessee?

NASHVILLE, Tenn.–El Nino has been the buzz word in the weather community throughout the summer and fall…for good reason.

This winter, we could see a historic El Nino unfold. The question is, how will that impact us right here in the mid-state? Predicting a winter weather outlook is not an easy task, but this year’s forecast for the country could be more confident than most thanks to El Nino.

Its currently the second-strongest El Nino on record, with several more months still to go. In an El Nino year, the subtropical jet stream brings moist air from the Pacific Ocean, bringing wetter than normal conditions to the southern half of the United States.

The polar jet stream hangs to the north, keeping most of the polar air out of the US, and ultimately brings warmer than normal conditions to the northern half of the country.

The NOAA outlook echos these conditions and keeps Tennessee right in the middle of the extremes.
Here, we’ll rely more on short-term forecast patterns for potential winter weather. So, the million dollar question becomes: stock up on sleds and winter gear or expect a mild, quiet winter?

The SkyWatch 17 team predicts temps will average slightly above the normal winter temps, with near normal precipitation. A few winter mix (sleet/ice) storms will be possible as well. Snowfall should be slightly below normal (6″) this winter as well.

Last year was considered a “weak” El Nino and yet we saw two major winter storms hit the mid-state. But that doesn’t necessarily spell worse winter conditions this year because of a strong El Nino because every winter is different.

We’ll just have to wait and see. One thing is for certain…no matter what the outcome, you can stay ahead of the storm on air, online and on the go with your SKYWatch17 weather team.
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How Will El Nino Affect Tennessee?


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