Photo shows teacher allegedly asleep during school detention

Photo shows teacher allegedly asleep during school detention
(Courtesy: Caleb McGuire)

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A photograph of a Franklin County teacher with her head down on her desk and her eyes closed for a reported 30 minutes has become a subject of discussion in the school and with a parent.

Caleb McGuire, a senior at Franklin County High School, said he was in school detention when he took the picture Monday.

McGuire said the picture shows the teacher allegedly asleep at her desk.

News 2 called the school and asked to talk to the teacher. Office staff said she was currently teaching a class, but they would pass on the message that we wanted her comment on the picture.

The teacher later sent the following statement to News 2:

This entire situation has been blown way out of proportion. I was very sick for this day. I tried to struggle through the the day as best I could, because that is my nature. While supervising In School Detention I became disoriented and sickly toward the very end of the day trying to struggle through without leaving early. But I became so ill I fell asleep. As soon as the teachers aide came back to detention to supervise the students I left the school. I immediately went to my doctor to see what was wrong with me and he determined that I have a severe ear infection and sinus congestion.”

McGuire said she was asleep for 30 minutes.

Emily Hodges, also a senior at the school, said she wasn’t in the class but is friends with McGuire and others who were. She said the alleged incident is a hot topic in the school.

“How she shouldn’t have fallen asleep because there is no telling what those kids could have done. She was snoring,” she said.

News 2 asked the school board for some answers.

“It is a personnel issue so there is no comment for me to make. Nothing I can share. It is confidential,” Superintendent Amie Lonas said.

Hodges’ mother Tammy told News 2 by phone that the photo troubles her.

“Sort of makes me worry for the kids’ safety. If there was a fight or something bad went on, what could she do? She is asleep,” she said.

Source: news2
Photo shows teacher allegedly asleep during school detention

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