Support ‘Pours’ in for Tenn. Country and Bluegrass Singer Joey Feek

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — There’s no church, or steeple, but open the doors of this Nashville bar and see all the people praying Saturday night.

This group is gathering to pray for Joey Feek, known as country music duo, Joey +Rory, with her husband. The couple is now in the headlines and hearts of many for her battle with cervical cancer.

After a being diagnosed last year, and multiple surgeries, the Feek’s announced Joey is stopping treatments, but not giving up hope. The couple stepped out of the spotlight this fall and is now in home hospice.   Rory Feek updates fans on his blog: This Life I Live. Rory stated online that Joey still sings, and records her voice reading books for their young daughter.

Kimber Engstrom says, “She is solid, has deep roots of God and faith and a foundation of strength. I know people all over the world are praying for her. It just seemed right, so we’ll just pray for her tonight.”

Engstrom doesn’t know the Feek’s personally. But she spoke exclusively with Fox 17 today on attending the Ryman auditoriums vigil for Joey earlier this week and holding her own “Joey’s Happy Hour” at Blue Bar tonight.

Engstrom says, “They’ve touched this world. You know we don’t understand, but it is what it is. Like they said they want to be at peace with whatever the outcome is.”

Whatever the income from tonight is…the bar owner is donating half to country duo.
Engstrom says,” It’s like you got a bar, some alcohol and prayer all mixed together and I am like yes that’s God to me. That works for me. Tonight is just simple, just very simple. I think at Blue Bar, it’s very much God and church I really do. And I think the Ryman is very much God and church. I think both of them are really a true picture of Nashville. It’s a magical town.”

Engstrom is a former Ryman Auditorium employee. She says she wanted to host a prayer vigil for Joey at the Ryman last month .It came with multi-thousand dollar price tag and ended up costing her more than she expected when she tried to raise the money.

Engstrom says,” I started a go-fund me and put we wanted to secure the Ryman. And I think that’s where the issue lies, because I used the name Ryman.”

Engstrom says the company fired her, but she is gaining spiritual support.

On FOX 17 News at 9 p.m. on Sunday: continuing coverage of Engstrom’s termination is spreading on social media. Tune in for the exclusive interview tomorrow night.


Source: fox17
Support ‘Pours’ in for Tenn. Country and Bluegrass Singer Joey Feek

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