Little League treasurer accused of stealing $12K from league

Police said they have arrested Timothy Brewer, the treasurer of Tennessee District 8 Little League Baseball.


TULLAHOMA, TN (WSMV) –A volunteer is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a Tullahoma youth baseball organization.

Police said they have arrested Timothy Brewer, the treasurer of Tennessee District 8 Little League Baseball.

“Should be a group of people getting along, trying to make the best for the kids,” said Curtis Jackson, an administrator with the league. “You shouldn’t have to deal with somebody who’s trying to tear it all apart.”

Jackson said they first noticed the money was missing while planning for the All-Star Game.

“That’s when he said that there wasn’t enough money to do that,” Jackson said. “That’s when league officials went to the bank.”

Administrators found somebody had been skimming.

“Didn’t pay some of the bills and let the balance continue to stay high,” Jackson said. “Therefore, it didn’t alert them anything was going on.”

Jackson said the treasurer is accused of pocketing over $12,000 in about a year.

“He told us that he had taken one amount, and it ended up being more money than what he originally told us,” Jackson said. “It got to be a point where once he got to taking it, it became easy to take.”

League volunteers said they have received $4,000 back so far, but that’s hardly enough to win back their trust.

“He was trusted by those people on that board that he’d do the right thing, and he chose to do the wrong thing,” Jackson said.

Channel 4 reached out to Brewer, but he declined to comment. He is charged with theft over $10,000 after being arrested on Thursday. He is in the process of being released on bond.



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