Municipal Charter

Coffee County TN, Tullahoma, Manchester

Original publish date: July 28, 2011

Counties in the state of Tennessee, once established, can create a “Municipal Charter”.  A Municipal Charter is guidelines on how the local government will operate, covers ethics, nepotism, how many commissioners the body of government will have, who qualifies to run for commissioner, the role of the Mayor on what he can and can not do, his role in a commission meeting, etc. Municipal Charter is used to protect citizens’ from abuse, fraud, and control government operation.

Tennessee does not require that a county or city create a Municipal Charter but the Tennessee legislative body has strict guidelines and laws that govern the municipal government operation.  Both Manchester City and Tullahoma City has a charter but Coffee County Government does not.

We the people can partition to create a Municipal Charter with only 7% of register voters and we the people can adopt the legislative body’s guidelines, expanding on the code of ethics, even require that “any” tax increase of “any” kind must be voted on by the people. Forcing the government from growing to big and eliminated the ability of free access into you wallets.

Comments on this site is a Facebook interface and you are welcomed once you are login on Facebook to make comments, if you like to add additional facts with links, please do so. This site was developed to share opinions, infomation and to question our County Goverment. Goal is to education citizens wanting to get involved and to work with commissioners to make our county accountable and operate better keeping our taxes low or event working to lower our taxes.

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