Tennessee Lt. Gov. says ‘get ready’ for Trump


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam, who endorsed Marco Rubio last week, did not mention Donald Trump in a post-primary statement, but Republican Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey did have a lot to say in his own statement about Trump raising speculation in some quarters that it was actually an endorsement.

Wednesday, Lt. Gov. Ramsey set the record straight while offering some advice and a prediction for his fellow Republicans about Trump.

“It was not a statement that this is my man or anything like that but at the same time, I think we better get ready because I think he is going to be the man,” declared the powerful state leader.

Ramsey was asked if Governor Haslam made a mistake in endorsing Rubio just days before Tennessee’s Primary.

“Well, lets just say I would not have done it like that,” laughed the Lt. Gov. “I am not sure it helped anything at all, so its just, like, what we are talking about? Why endorse?”

While not thinking much of endorsements, Senator Ramsey does make predictions from time to time, and he had a rather eye-opening one before some Capitol Hill reporters.

“I will make a prediction right now that if Donald Trump ends up being the nominee, he will carry more states since any Republican since Ronald Reagan,” added Ramsey. “I just feel he appeals to a group who feels they have been left out forever.”

The Lt. Governor was not finished with his assessment of Tuesday and the Republican White House race.

“During McCain and Romney, you had the establishment say to the grassroots, say, ‘This is the man, hold your nose and vote for him,’” opined Ramsey. “This time it is exactly the opposite. You have the grassroots telling the establishment ‘No, you have to hold you nose and vote for him.’ I think that is the way it is.”

The Lt. Governor did caution that he doesn’t know if Trump is “saying what he believes or what is convenient at the time” and that his “rhetoric now doesn’t match his track record.”

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Tennessee Lt. Gov. says ‘get ready’ for Trump

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