Two Arrests in Manhunt, Cook Still Eludes Police


WHITE HOUSE, Tenn. — Two people are in custody, but the search continues for Floyd Cook, the man suspected of shooting an Algood police officer.

On Wednesday night, US marshals arrested two people, Troy Wayne and Katie Mccarty, who may have been traveling with Cook.

When SWAT teams set up in this White House neighborhood the people who live in this house left, fearing that something bad might happen.    The search for one of the suspects ended in their backyard.One resident says police caught Wayne in her neighbor’s backyard. A few streets over is where another person saw Mccarty.

When first spotted at a gas station, Wayne reportedly tried to run over a US marshal before crashing into a fence and taking off on foot. Mccarty was found hiding in the mud.Officers didn’t find Cook, but they are closing in…Police say Mccarty is a fugitive from Arizona.

She is wanted for conspiracy to commit murder.

Source: fox17
Two Arrests in Manhunt, Cook Still Eludes Police





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