AFMC wingmen continue to take action


Air Force Materiel Command’s culture of respect and resiliency is still going strong, and Airmen across the command continue to prove their dedication to that culture through their actions as wingmen.

“In AFMC, and across the Air Force, we accomplish our mission as a dedicated team committed to our core values and to each other,” said Jennifer Treat, AFMC Community Support Coordinator. “Every Air Force officer, enlisted member and civilian is an Airman. The term wingman stems from a time-honored tradition within our Air Force flying community that essentially says a wingman will always stay with and protect the lead pilot, watching his or her back. It is a promise, a pledge, a commitment between Airmen. We’re proud to have so many true wingmen in our command who look out for the welfare of their colleagues and community.”

Source: AEDC news
AFMC wingmen continue to take action



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