Help on the Way for Victims of Sex Crimes at MTSU

MTSU sex crimes



MURFREESBORO, Tenn. — MTSU is taking a big step to fight a growing problem on college campuses across Tennessee. It’s decided to hire a full-time person just to help victims of sex crimes.

Some people might wonder why MTSU needs a full-time person to deal with this but even the police chief admits that he has no idea how many students there are victims of sexual assault.

When a crime is reported on campus, students know about it. MTSU sends out an alert.

“While taking a photo, the male grabbed the victim and touched her inappropriately,” read Student Aleia

Fulz off her cell phone emails.

The problem is even the TBI doesn’t know how many sex crimes actually go on on college campuses.
“About 90 to 95% of individuals that are assaulted on college campuses do not report,” said Shelly Wright, manager at the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Program.

MTSU is trying to get more people to come forward.

“We hope by bringing in this person, we can encourage people who might not otherwise report it to a police officer,” said MTSU Police Chief Buddy Peaster.

MTSU police is now looking for a full time person to help sex assault victims. The person will help with investigations and also get victims the emotional help they need to stay in school.

“I think it’s wonderful and I think and they’re very progressive in doing that,” said Wright.

“We’re thankful people are taking notice of what we’re doing,” said Chief Peaster.

Peaster says the school knows of  six sex crimes that happened on campus last year. The TBI says 17 have been reported in the last five years but some believe the numbers are low and also inaccurate.

Wright believes  a full time worker focusing on sex crimes is necessary, “It’s absolutely necessary because there are so many underreported rapes that are occurring.”

The school is already taking measures to keep students safe.
“They have cops were you can call and they will come walk you to your car,” said Fultz.

Fultz  says students will use all the help they can get.

MTSU is taking applications for this position until October 28 and is hope to have the person working in the next few months.

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Help on the Way for Victims of Sex Crimes at MTSU



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