How to prevent yourself from being targeted by car thieves
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MT. JULIET, Tenn. (WKRN) – This week in Franklin there have been 17 car burglaries and one car theft. Mt. Juliet police tell News 2 they had three car burglaries Wednesday morning.

To find out how to prevent your car from being targeted by thieves, Lt. Tyler Chandler with the Mt. Juliet Police Department strolled through the Target parking lot with News 2.

He was alerting News 2 of things he noticed inside cars, in plain view that would catch a burglar’s attention.

The first car he looked into, he saw something.

“In here there’s a bag in the center, so you kind of wonder what is in that bag,” said Lt. Tyler Chandler.

News 2 told the owner of the car, Ryan Tolbert what the officer saw. Tolbert understood the concern.

“There’s a potential there, so they might try to take advantage of that while it’s there. So, shame on me for not doing a better job,” said Tolbert.

Several of the cars had valuable items in plain sight. The officer noticed some of the cars were even unlocked.

“Here you have a purse, someone’s purse clearly visible in the passenger seat right there so very enticing to a thief,” said Lt. Chandler.

Lt. Chandler said even if your car is parked in what you consider a safe area, you can be a victim of crime.

“We as people, even myself can become complacent. We live in a very safe community and I think since we live in a safe community, it is easy for us not to think about crime, but we can be victimized anywhere. And I think the crime of vehicle burglary is so easy, because it’s easy to keep your car unlocked, it’s easy to keep items of value in plain view, said Lt. Chandler.

Officers also say always lock your car, park in well lit areas and don’t store a spare key on your car.

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How to prevent yourself from being targeted by car thieves

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