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MT. JULIET, Tenn. – While police and civilians clash in other parts of the country, Mt. Juliet police went above and beyond on an unusual Tuesday capped by an alert about a runaway donkey.

Corporal Paul Fautch not only helped a stranded driver fix his car, he also followed him home in case the car broke down again, the driver said.

“I’d say thank you for helping me out because he didn’t have to,” Jason Pepperack said.

Officer Joshua Workman paid for a woman’s gas when her card wasn’t working at a local gas station.
“I was just in awe and I was like wow, you didn’t have to do that, but thank you so much,” Michelle Edmundson said.

Tuesday night, residents received a social media alert warning them about a potentially dangerous donkey that had run away from the Circle P Ranch on Main Street.

The animal’s owner Jeremy Page called the whole thing a misunderstanding, claiming Clarence the jack is not aggressive and never left his own property.

Page said while headlines of violence between police and civilians pop up around the country, he’s glad that’s not happening in his hometown.

“I think we’ve all seen enough of that in the news here lately,” Page said.

Page invited families to come meet the now-internet famous Clarence at the annual Mt. Juliet Homecoming October 24th at the Circle P Ranch on 563 Main Street.

Source: fox17
Mt. Juliet Police: Beyond the Call – Eric Alvarez



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