Ohio man’s 911 call leads to abducted Knoxville girl, suspect


CHESTERVILLE, Ohio (WATE) – The Amber Alert for Knoxville girl Brooklynne Enix reached many in East Tennessee when the TBI sent it out Wednesday evening, but what’s remarkable is that the warning stretched two states away.

“911. My name is Steve Adams and I think I’m behind the Amber Alert that was called out this morning about a child from Tennessee,” Adams said in a 911 call.

It was that call, that ended the search for Tyler Enix and his two year old daughter Brooklynne.

“I heard the Amber Alert, like two minutes before I went over [Interstate] 71 and when I went over 71, there was a black car coming up the on ramp with a bald guy driving,” said Steve Adams who made that 911 call.

Driving in Chesterville, Ohio, Adams decided to follow him.

“When I looked up I saw Tennessee plates go by on the black car and that’s when I called 911,” said Adams.

“Can you see the plate,” asked the 911 operator. “G61 16U,” responded Adams. “It is the license plate number, he just got close enough to see it, it is the one,” said the operator.

Once dispatch confirmed Adams was behind the car from the Amber Alert, he kept following.

“I tried to stay back. I used hands free on the phone, so he didn’t see me on the phone and kept relaying where he was,” said Adams.

Police eventually pulled Enix over and took him into custody without any problems. His two-year-old daughter was found in the car and was constantly asking the deputies what’s going on and where her daddy was.

“He needed to be caught, I guess he has a history of violence. I kind of looked him up when I went home and he probably is right where he needs to be,” said Adams.

Enix is in Morrow County, Ohio, and is expected to be in court Friday for an extradition hearing. Brooklynn Enix is with Morrow County Children’s Services, which will be working with Knoxville police to figure out what to do with her.

WSYX-TV contributed to this report.

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Ohio man’s 911 call leads to abducted Knoxville girl, suspect



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