Tennessee erectile dysfunction bill delayed


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The drugs and dealing with erectile dysfunction have drawn the interest of some state lawmakers, two women in particular, but is that the real purpose of the bill?

Nashville Democratic state representative Sherry Jones keeps telling people her bill on erectile dysfunction that is co-sponsored by Sen. Sara Kyle is about the “protection of men.”

Jones says that “protection” is from the “dangerous side effects” of drugs and treatments that advertise they help erectile dysfunction.

“There is the possibility that men were not really thinking about those side effects when they got the prescription,” she told News 2 on Tuesday, just hours before the bill was scheduled in the Tennessee House Health Subcommittee.

One of the more attention-grabbing parts of her bill is a requirement for an affidavit from a sexual partner that a patient seeking erectile dysfunction help actually has the problem.

The bill also requires a 48-hour waiting period before a patient receives any treatment.

“You have to be notified of everything that could possibly happen,” added the lawmaker. “And a lot of things could happen.”

Some Capitol Hill observers say things like notification and waiting periods tend to sound like new abortion laws approved by Tennessee’s mainly-male Republican lawmakers.

“They may look at it like that,” answered Rep. Jones. “I don’t have a problem with that.”

The bill has been rescheduled for next week’s subcommittee after too many lawmakers left before the measure was heard.

Without a quorum, the lawmakers ended debate on any other bills before them.

Source: news2
Tennessee erectile dysfunction bill delayed

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