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The Coffee County, TN commission will soon be faced with the passing of a new budget for the next fiscal year.  This county has experienced critical budget short falls each and every year for more than the last decade; the question of more tax increases will start to surface in the coming months. Our commission will vote once again to borrow against its future tax receipts.  There has never been enough “future tax receipts” to cover the money that is borrowed year after year and we are always deeply in the red at the end of every fiscal year. This year will be no different than the past.

Property taxes are a sore subject as Coffee County property taxes are high when compared to the number of residents served and when compared to the rates of other counties in Tennessee.  Keep that in mind this year when electing a new property assessor; the current assessor, Jimmy White, isn’t running for another term and has served in the position for 40 years as unopposed. Roseanne Carden Riddle, Larry McIntosh, and Beverly Robertson are the 2016 candidates for Coffee County, TN property assessor. The voters have an opportunity and a responsibility to change the mind-set of expectation from this department by choosing someone brand new for the position.  One of the candidates, Beverly Robertson, has been trained by the current assessor for the past 17 years as part of the current department; she will continue to operate the department as she has been mentored.  Keep in mind that the state trains any newly elected assessor and the state then certifies the person for the position.  As long as we have a competent, intelligent person in the position, our county will be served.  However, if you want FRESH EYES IN THE POSITION with no preconceived ideas about how to operate the office, voters will need to select from either Roseanne Carden Riddle, or Larry McIntosh,

The assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying and valuing all Coffee County property for tax purposes, maintenance of ownership records, tax maps and indexes of taxpayers. Coffee County schools rely on property tax revenue heavily for their yearly operation.  One concern is the large amount of greenbelt property in Coffee County, Tn.; it is taxed at a much lower rate than residential or farm classes.  As greenbelt continues to grow, it takes away from the property tax base leaving the burden on non-greenbelt property owners.

When Roseanne Carden Riddle was asked specifically about this situation, she replied that she was not in favor of any corporation making $20+ million or more while operating under our greenbelt tax rate for the vast amount of property in question. If the reason the property was purchased was for something more than farming or tree preservation, then it needs to be questioned and audited.  Mrs. Riddle said she would be in favor of an audit of all greenbelt property in Coffee County.  She went on to say, “There is clearly a need for greenbelt stays when the property truly qualifies.

It is a confusing topic as most residents think that the farm rate and the greenbelt rate are the same……..they are NOT.  The farm rate is the same as the residential rate. When you’re green-belted, very little property tax is collected.  Other areas that need auditing would be improper classifications between residential/farm compared to industrial/commercial. Our residents have stood by and watched large parcels of land be classified as farmland (farm/residential rate) but sold as commercial/industrial property without the proper tax monies collected on the properties for a great number of years. No farming or tree habitat, etc was ever on these properties.  Additionally, if property does “lose” its greenbelt status, the county has the right to go back to the very beginning of said properties’ tax collection and be paid the correct amount for the newly corrected classification. Roseanne Riddle

“I would not be in favor of a Corporation that makes 20 million on an event to have greenbelt status. Absolutely not. Yes, I will audit greenbelt status… There is clearly a need for greenbelt stays when the property truly qualifies.”  -from candidate for assessor, Roseanne Riddle.

I believe the people of Coffee County want someone to do their job and treat everyone equitably. For property taxes to be fair, an audit and review on all greenbelt would be a good thing for the County and see if we can raise revenue without increasing property taxes for the regular farm and residential taxpayers.

Have question for Roseanne email or call 931-205-2717.


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