Restaurants Turning to Cage Free Eggs


JOELTON, Tenn — Many believe cage free eggs are good for you.

John Patrick has spent three years trying to prove their good for business.

“My wife says when is this not gonna be a non-profit,” said Patrick. “I think I can prove this is something that a small to medium sized farmer can do. Fit it into his or her farm and make some money on it.”

The chickens on his farm live in a fenced pasture instead of crammed in to cages like many commercial birds Patrick says are often 6 in a cage.

In recent years cage free eggs have been gaining popularity in supermarkets.

Many customers are like Lella Wilbanks who like the taste.

“They taste better. I feel like they are far better than traditional white eggs,” said Wilbanks.

Now major corporations are getting into the act.

Starbucks and Burger King have announced they’re moving to cage free eggs and most recently McDonalds joined them.

Patrick says he’s happy to see that but he points out cage free won’t come free.

You can’t keep as many chickens on the same property without cages.

He says the farmers who switch will need to buy new roosting and nesting facilities.

Expenses that will have to be passed onto someone, maybe consumers.

“I’m not sure if it’s gonna be higher cost or maybe they’ll pay the farmer less or more. I don’t know if the farmer is gonna get more,” said Patrick.

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Restaurants Turning to Cage Free Eggs



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